About us

Innovation, quality, Patrol Group


Patrol Group was founded in 1991 and since then builds a strong Polish brand that effectively competes with global leaders in the production of plastic articles. Customers’ satisfaction is Patrol Group’s the most important challenge.


We have built a team of experienced and creative professionals who use in their work, innovative technologies and advanced equipment. Thanks to the continuous optimization of processes: design, production and sales we offer robust, ergonomic and aesthetic products at competitive prices.


In the interest of the highest quality of Patrol Group’s products, they are subjected to constant internal control and external monitoring and certification.
The offered assortment will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Every year Patrol Group expands the offer with new models that take into account current trends and customer expectations. Patrol Group is dynamically expanding the area of its activity by gaining new foreign markets. Today, products with the Patrol Group logo are sold on European markets, but also in Australia, Africa and Asia.

We care about the environment


Patrol Group, in the interests of the environment, is committed to ensure that all production activities have had a positive impact on its protection. On the basis of the recycling process, we limit the operation of primary raw materials, by which more efficiently use natural resources and reduce energy consumption. We manufacture products with the same materials and we are unifying details and denoting them, informing about the possibilities for their use. Patrol Group takes care of the harmony of the functioning of the Organization in harmony with nature.